About Dr. Lauren Gerber


Lauren Gerber Ms. Ed., PSY. D. is a dually licensed Clinical and School Psychologist with many years experience working with children, their families and school personnel.

Dr. Gerber graduated with a B.S. from Northwestern University, an M.S. in Education from Pace University, and a Doctor of Psychology from Pace University. Dr. Gerber graduated 1st in her doctoral class and received the doctoral student of the year award in 1995. Dr. Gerber has worked in the public school system in the suburbs of Chicago for over a decade. She has a private practice in the city of Chicago and the suburbs with a specialty in child and family therapy.

In addition to working in the public schools and in her private practice, Dr. Gerber spent additional time employed by the Village of Deerfield, Illinois, as the Coordinator of
“the Acts of Kindness Program”. This program is an initiative designed to connect schools, businesses and the whole community in promoting kindness.